Ozarks Fantasy, Midwest Sci-Fi, and More

What is Ozarks Fantasy?

It's like Urban Fantasy, but it takes place in the Ozarks, an area of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

Why should I read Ozarks Fantasy?

Because, it is Awesome.


Choices – Book One of the Seven Keys Saga

When a suicide leads down a rabbit hole, Terry Howard has to face the choice between leaving his past behind and embracing his calling.

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Fallout – Book Two of the Seven Keys Saga

When the past starts to catch up with his friends, Terry Howard has to step in and deal with the Fallout.

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Learn More About M.A. Brotherton

I'm warning you. If you start digging into the blog archives, you're going to go deep, deep into my psyche. It's a dark and dangerous place. I don't post as often as I should, but when I do.... man it's big.

Lessons Learned about Writing and Human Interaction from Crash by Wright and Platt

  I made a horrible mistake. You see, I recently read Crash by David Wright and Sean Platt. That wasn’t the mistake. Hear me out. The book… is just amazing. The characters, the story, the horrifyingly depressing ending that will […]

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Matt Reads Dinosaur Alien Invasion

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably just rip the audio from this video and listen to it in your car anyway. I saved you the trouble: Right-Click and Save Link As for the audio.

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Oh, God, It Burns

What are the signs that you are on fire? Erm, not literally!   Oh… I should probably have finished reading the email before I started writing this….   ….   Okay, I’m back. So, if I’m reading this correctly, it […]

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