My First (Literary) Love

I was listening to Episode 5 of the To-Be-Read Podcast tonight coming back from my writing session.  If you haven’t checked out TBRP yet, you should. It’s a pretty nice change from the usual writer-podcast. Instead of talking (too much) about their own work, they talk about what books they are reading and enjoying from week to week.

I’m only a few weeks behind (Episode 8 recorded tonight) so you can still get caught up if you want. I’ll be here when you get back.

I Feel Bad for the New Puppy

You may or may not know that my family recently adopted a new dog. She’s a laid back little mutt named Gretchen, and she’s a good dog. She’s got all the right doggy moves. She has the tail-wag, they happy pant, and even the whiny-yawn. She’s a great dog that is perfect for my parents. (I insist, this is not my dog. This is my mother’s dog)

The story of how we decided to get her is a tale in and of itself. A few months ago, I stumbled across the Lewis and Clark County Humane Society website. They have videos of the animals currently at the shelter, and I decided I really needed to watch some puppy videos.

Alone in the Night – A Thankful Prayer One Year Later

One year ago Monday (that’s June 30th, 2014 for those reading in the distant future), I wrote a blog post called Alone in the Night – A Prayer. It was a series of short prayers about the direction my life seemed to be going in. It came at the end of close to six months of unemployment. My savings had been drained. My prospects were non-existent. I was sitting at the bottom of an emo-spiral and starting to sink down even further. I was rotting on the inside, and I needed help.


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