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  • I’m supposed to talk about things….

    Power of blog necromancy activate! So…. I started therapy a couple months ago. It’s been… helpful. But, I’m supposed to start looking for creative outlets again. See, it’s become pretty apparent that trying to live in normal society is killing me. I don’t fit. I never have and I never will. My journey isn’t supposed […]

  • I’m Giving Myself a Not-So-Gritty Reboot

    When I moved to Montana, I told myself I would be gone for five years. I was going to get my life stable, my finances secured, and build an online media empire to make me insanely wealthy. Then, I’d move back home and live as a king among the peasants of Missouri. That was four […]

  • Taking a blog vacation

    I’ve decided to take another blog vacation. I’ve realized things about where I want to go with my career and I have to reevaluate how this blog fits. I’m not quitting. I plan to take a week to change and optimize my plans. Maybe even rebuild them to fit with what I want in life. I might […]

  • Driving Round and Round… Just to see a waterfall

    I spent Friday with my father, going on an adventure. We set off early in the morning and drove north with only two goals in mind: See the waterfall at Great Falls Eat at Sonic We accomplished both. But, a real adventure isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. I spent most of the […]

  • Burning the list

    I spent this weekend trying to come up with an arbitrary list of 40 life goals to achieve before I turn 40. I wasn’t successful. A list of goals is meaningless. There is no value. I won’t be the same person in a year, let alone six. Everything left unfulfilled by the time I turn […]

  • Re-evaluating Ambition: Looking at my 30 before 30 goals

    Six years ago, I created a 30 Before 30 list. This was a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. I wrote the list just before I turned 28. The last two years of my 20s seemed like they could stretch on forever, so I figured it wasn’t too late. There is […]

  • Progress Report: Finally Learning Basic Lessons

    On May 1, I began a new writing challenge. 30 days. 100,000 words. It’s a double NaNoWriMo, and a massive undertaking. Before tonight, I was sitting at 31,133 words for the month. I’m halfway through the 30 day challenge and still 19,000 words shy of being on par. But, I’m not upset with myself. 31,000 […]

  • My Definition of Success Is My White Whale

    My father launched a blog this week. He has posted three posts. The first explains why he created a blog instead of just posting his stuff on Facebook, the second is celebrating Mother’s Day, and the third is his definition of success as a blogger. That’s right. My father has been a blogger for a week and […]

  • The Next Step In a Better Me

    For the last month and a half, I’ve been following James Altucher’s daily practices. He explains them all in his book Choose Yourself, but the basic idea is to work on improving your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health by 1% every day. I call it my Jedi training. So far, I’ve been focusing on following the advice […]

  • The Weekend Problem

    Weekends are strange. I want to enjoy them, but, I can’t. The extra free time is simultaneously not enough and too much. My weekdays are structured. Every action rolls into the next. I have order and routine. I feel like I know what I should do without effort and I can do the tasks I want to […]