Purpose: Book 5 of the Seven Keys Saga

Purpose: Book 5 of the Seven Keys Saga
Series: Seven Keys Saga, Book 5
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Romengwaith Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 35,732

With Gabriel and Suez’s wedding looming, having a bit more free time probably isn’t a bad thing. But for Terry Howard, Acolyte of Midnight, being forced to sit on the sidelines might be too much. The new Head of Security for the Ozarks Spiritual Sovereignty has his own way of doing things, and they don’t involve Terry.

Wedding bring everyone together. Old friends. Old enemies.

And of course… the dead.

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About the Book

Everyone has a purpose, even if they don’t want one.

Terry Howard is feeling a little useless. There’s a new sheriff in town, and it isn’t him. Othcam Whitcraft-Gasson is good at his job, better than Terry could ever hope to be. But, when figures from the past start emerging from the shadows, long-dead secrets come back to life. Now, Terry’s existential battle might have more impact than he’s ever known.

About the Seven Keys Saga

Magic used to be stable. The Six Orders jealously guarded the secrets of Arcanum, fueling wild tales and mad speculation. Then, they turned on each other. The war was brief, but it changed everything.

Without the Six Orders around to hold the reigns, magic has made its way out into the world for everyone to use and abuse.

The world is changing, and Mages have to change with the times.

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