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#30DaysofThanks – Fans


When you live in a cave heated by lava, you can get pretty hot. Also, it is waaaaaaay too quiet out here to sleep. There is a cure for that, and the cure is my fan. My fan is humble and loud. One day I might replace it with something bigger… or maybe one of those air foil things with no blades, but for now my fan does it’s job. For that I tip my hat to it.

Published by M.A. Brotherton

M.A. Brotherton is a writer, blogger, artist, and fat-kid from the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. He’s tasted a little bit of everything the Midwest has to offer, ranging from meth-tweaking rednecks in massive underground cave complexes to those legendary amber waves of grain. When he’s not writing, he spends most of his time screwing around on the internet.