VLOG 1 – Why Not

So instead of actually working on the writing I was supposed to work on tonight, I decided to post a quick video journal entry. I know it sucks, but that’s what you’re getting instead of real writing or even a crapily strung together blog post.

If you are a real person that enjoys real youtubing, there is plenty of other places for you to go.

If you’re my aunt, and you are watching this because you’re awesome and supportive, Hi!

If you want to watch More Than A Sextape (and why wouldn’t you) you can check them out here: http://bit.ly/1mhXd2Q

3 thoughts on “VLOG 1 – Why Not

  1. What fun! I hope you do more of these! We miss you! But happy you are busy and doing well!

  2. Linda Knoles says:

    It was great to see your face. I’m so glad you’re doing well and so proud that I can say “That’s my nephew!” Love you, Matt.

  3. jwbrotherton says:

    I like this idea. sometimes written words can mask the real Matt. This lets us see the real you that we all love.

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