Unproductive Day

It’s about 3:00 on Friday afternoon. This is the earliest that the AT&T tech could possibly be around to fix our work internet. I haven’t been very productive today since most of my customer interactions are done online. Fortunately, I still have my handy, dandy HTC Evo Shift, a pile of scrap paper, a pencil and a sharpie, so… There is doodling a foot.


Also, Gangam-Professional Adult Style

I do my best to try and keep busy, you know. Downloading emails to my phone, transferring them via USB to the PC and printing them off, but, at a certain point in the day you just have to breakdown and realize that nothing is getting done the rest of the afternoon… Mostly because I work in a concrete dungeon that blocks all but the weakest of 3G signal.


Seriously, I can't even get 4G here. Do they expect me to live like an animal?

What I’m saying, I guess, is that you’re not going to get any clever and inciteful witicisms from me today. Mostly because I’ve gone Lord of the Flies up in this mug…

Okay. Now that I’ve convinced my coworkers that I am the Alpha male by successfully burning the most knowledge, I can go on about living my life as King of Beltonia!

Bow before your King, lesser mortals!

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