Let’s All Go to The Toy Aisle!

A trip to the toy Aisle

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Yep, this seems like a perfectly normal Thursday Night

It’s not that uncommon for my friends and I to spend a evening driving around town in search of awesome things at the plethora of general stores in the area. No matter how much we pretend that we’re going to look for things that adults should look at, like for instance a laptop or a ant poison, we usually end up spending the majority of our time hanging out in the toy department.

We don’t just spend time looking at toys. No, that would seem as though we were shopping for our kids or something. Nope, we like to go to the toy department and play with all the toys, especially the ones that make noises.

We like things that make noises.

I’m not sure what goes through the head of a cashier when we walk up carrying a handful of transformers and a fifth of cheap whiskey. I’m pretty sure after all of my years of being a cashier that anything I imagine would be way more interesting than whatever they were really thinking, which is probably something along the lines of, “Will these stupid jerks just go away so I can go back to pretending to clean this conveyor belt?”

It isn’t something we do every day. None of us can afford to spend that much time trying to convince ourselves not to waist more money on things that blink and hoot. There are times, though when you have to go out and play. No matter what life throws at you, taking the time to play seems to make some of the most dark and horrible things seem so much easier. Besides, how awesome do I look wearing a Thor helmet?



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Yes, this is a rare picture of my roommates. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Let’s All Go to The Toy Aisle!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun! There’s a reason Toys ‘R Us is so much fun. We take our toddler to the toy store and have fun checking out the Transformers and Star Wars toys…remembering the toys of our youth. Tonka trucks are NOT as cool as the ones I had – which were made with REAL metal and rubber and were heavy duty. These new toys are a pale imitation. Great pics. Looks like you had a blast. FYI, my mom is just as bad. Whenever we go anywhere that has “noisy toys” she loves to set them all off. Yes, we are those irritating ones. LOL!

    1. There is this cartoon, called Dinosaur train or something, it’s a show designed to launch a toyline so it’s not really important, but the toys have RFID tags in them, so if you push the button on them while they’re near each other, they will have conversations!

      I think hitting all 30 of them on the shelf at the same time was simultaneously the coolest and most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

      1. Inkytwig says:

        My daughter LOVES Dinosaur Train (anything with dinosaurs actually). Yes, that would be hilarious. And totally something I would do. moo haa ha haaaaa!

        1. It was haunting and terrifying, but at the same time, beautiful.

  2. Brandee says:

    This is freaking’ awesome! I want a Thor helmet! I’m the person that, in the emergency room, is looking in all of the drawers, testing stuff out. I laughed out loud at this post.

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