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Stories for a Non-Sappy Holiday


Stories for a Non-Sappy Holiday Guest Post by Elizabeth Eckhart   The holidays make a lot of people properly joyous. They decorate their trees, sing their Christmas carols, and, with a cup of hot chocolate or maybe spike apple cider,

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Nerd Fight


It was inevitable. Something that adolescent boys do is fight. There are no exceptions, no matter how fat and nerdy the boy is. That’s why it came as no real surprise to my family when about halfway through the first

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How 8th Grade Science could have Killed the Professional Adult


Here goes round two. Hopefully I won’t be defeated by another failure of technology in the field of “keeping Matt from doing stupid shit.” This is an ever growing field, I know. It takes a lot of computing power. The

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New Writer Podcast

Did you know I host a podcast? I do, and you can click here to listen to it, or find us on itunes!