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Nerd Fight

It was inevitable. Something that adolescent boys do is fight. There are no exceptions, no matter how fat and nerdy the boy is. That’s why it came as no real surprise to my family when about halfway through the first semester of middle school I found myself suspended for three days for fighting. I wasn’t even punished that severely for fighting, it was all about where the fight took place. School is where you go to learn, not to fight. Still, the family mantra was repeated by my siblings, my cousins and even my grand mother, “Never start a fight, always finish one.”

I am adamant when I say that I didn’t start this one, though I’m sure my mouth has been responsible for getting me into others. No, this fight was about the bottom of the social food chain. This fight was all about proving who that person was.… Continue reading

How 8th Grade Science could have Killed the Professional Adult

Here goes round two. Hopefully I won’t be defeated by another failure of technology in the field of “keeping Matt from doing stupid shit.” This is an ever growing field, I know. It takes a lot of computing power.

The idea of professional adulthood came from two interacting and intertwining things.

1) Thanks in part to my doodling, I began to feel like I was actually a stand out in the blogging industry. I doodled, people liked it. I’d love to doodle more. I’d love to have the time to put at least one relevant doodle with each blog post. It isn’t always possible, though, as I still work a full time job. That was the desire that pushed me to start actually looking for a way to monetize my site and turn it into a career, though.

2) I kept repeating it like a mantra as I reorganized my… Continue reading

Choices: Seven Keys Saga Book 1