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  • #Reverb10 – Outside Looking In

    Always on the Outside Looking In I’ve never really been what you might call part of the “It” crowd. I’m a big man, and was a big teenager. I’ve got a lot of fear of people, that has actually gotten worse as I age, but was never exactly easy for me. In High School, I […]

  • #Reverb10 – Making a Plan

    Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? I’ve spent some time today reading other Reverb10 writers’ takes on what this question was asking. Life without Pants took it a little more abstract than […]

  • #Reverb10 – Something I must do

    When I received the email with the Reverb10 Prompt for today, I struggled with if I could or even should write what came to my mind first. When I read the words, it felt like salt pouring into wounds that were a bit more fresh than I realized. “December 5 – Let Go. What (or […]

  • #Reverb10 – I’m a little bit of a Story Teller

    I come from a pretty long line of storytellers. I grew up with my dad making things up pretty regularly, and on trips to visit my grandfather, he would tell us stories from when the world was broke and war was everywhere. These days, I wish I could remember more of those stories, it’d probably […]

  • Reverb10 – Moment – Anxiety and me?

    It says something about me, that the times in my life that I feel at the absolute height of who I am, is when I’m in all outward appearances to be in the midst of a nervous breakdown. I live for anxiety. There is an eerie calming of my mind in those times when my […]

  • Reverb 10 – Writing

    My mind doesn’t like to sit still, which is ironic because my body is pretty happy doing just that. My brain, though, it likes to be constantly in overdrive, zipping from tangent to tangent, as it figures out all of the tricks and angles of the universe.

  • Reverb10 – One word

    Screaming- 2010 has been the year of the loud and the insane. I think it pretty much hit the ground running, and hasn’t really slowed down yet. For me, I was spending as much time as I could distracting myself from a steadily declining economic stance, with whatever I could find to keep my mind […]

  • Reverb10 – A New Beginning

    I decided to start the new blog on December 1st, and since it is December 1st, I figured I’d start out by going through all of the wonder that is Reverb10. Not only is Reverb10 a great online community idea, it is a creative hook process that really wakes up the mind and pushes you […]