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  • The Power of Music – Why Music Monday?

    Music is important. The right song is like spiritual acupressure. It hits the right points at the right time and releases all of the tension built up in your soul. The tears you needed to shed come pouring out or your feet start bouncing you around as your heart makes like Icarus. That’s why I’m […]

  • Musical Nostalgia

    Music is a big part of my life. It’s a definitely a huge part of my creative process. I have to admit that I’m actually easily duped into experiencing emotions I was experiencing by well-made music. It’s just infectious. They get under my skin and down deep into my soul. That is, of course, when […]

  • Lessons from Public Speaking

    I was recently given the opportunity to teach a class on web content management at work. The basic concept was to teach the business experts and government bureaucrats I work with how to use the software we use to run our website. I was thrust into the role by pure chance of knowing a thing […]

  • I’ve Always Been A Dog Person

    I think most children have an imaginary friend. My parents probably knew there was something wrong with me when I didn’t–I had an imaginary Scottish Terrier. I’ve Always Been a Dog Person If cats are the ninjas of the animal world, dogs are the samurai. Fierce, loyal, honorable protectors of home and family. Sometimes silent. […]

  • Shake off the Memories: The Windsor

    It’s been ten years since I first joined my small host of friends in he Windsor apartment in Springfield, MO. It’s a been hard to realize that. It seems like it was so recent, and yet, it is already fading in my memory. Ten years ago, I was 19, broke and depressed. I guess the […]

  • What Fathers Are For

    I was going to write a list of memories I have of my father. Today is his birthday, and I was going to put together a list of one memory for every year he’s been alive. Besides being a fairly daunting task, which is a polite way of saying that he’s old, I realized that […]

  • Analysis – The Drawings Say You’re Crazy

    They made me draw that house, tree, and person probably a dozen times over the years. Always followed by the stupid questions that I knew they were using to judge me. “Why are there locks on the windows?” “Why is there a hill in front of the house?” “Why is the person standing in the […]

  • BLEEP! That’s a Swear!

      I was talking to my dad on the phone tonight. We talk pretty regularly. Probably not as often as we should, but that’s the cost of living more than twenty hours by car away from one another. As always, my dad was wise and full of advice. We talked about health. We talked about […]

  • LINE! (#Scintilla13)

    My brain is a lot like Wikipedia. It absorbs all this knowledge, and for a while, it can just regurgitate it on command. Then, after years of being useful and helpful, it starts to jumble together with misinformation, hacked passages, and general troll graffiti. I used to pride myself on how well I could remember […]

  • Under The Sink (#Scintilla13)

    I’ve never been opposed to tiny spaces. I like the cozy feeling of being cocooned in a protective shell. I’m even willing to admit that there have been times in my life when I have fantasized about sleeping in a coffin. No, not because of my weird goth phase, but because I like the feeling of […]