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Let’s Talk about Superheroes

I’m going to admit, my book reading of late has been dominated by the Dresden Files, but I was recently offered a buy-one-get-one free offer on Audbile and had to pick books from the list, so I snagged A Dog’s Purpose and Hero.

I listened to A Dog’s Purpose first, and have decided that I don’t ever want to listen to the sequel. This book was emotional torture on the highest level. It was like I was riding the saddest and happiest roller coaster ever, and when it ended, I made my own conclusion because I couldn’t keep going like that. So, no, the sequel doesn’t exist… nope…  If you’re a dog person, this book is heart wrenching… pure maddeningly heart wrenching, and beautiful.

If you’re not a dog person, well, maybe the beauty of this book will bring your soul back to you.

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Happy Birthday, Old Man.

Today is my father’s 55th Birthday.


Dear god, he’s old.

Still, I just wanted to give him a special birthday shout out.


I think that many of you know that my dad is pretty much my hero, and I’ve written as much many times in the past.

Here’s a short list of those things:

My father, My Hero

Second Hand Advice

Lessons from My Dad


You’re probably getting the picture that he’s a pretty big source of advice for myself and my siblings. He’s taught me a lot about so many things, and he continues to do so every day.

Of course, you if you want the best advice, you go to the source, and thankfully my dad has written a bit of advice that I put up on the site way back in the early days of my blog.

Life Lessons


So, in conclusion:

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Choices: Seven Keys Saga Book 1