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Book Review – Double Pack: Fuzzy Nation and Little Fuzzy – A Book Reboot

A Tale of Two Books

John Scalzi had an idea. He would take his favorite sci-fi book from childhood (Little Fuzzy) and modernize it for more modern sensibilities. It was a book reboot, and the first one I’d ever heard of. Why shouldn’t he? It happens with beloved characters in comic books and movies. The idea was intriguing to me.

Of course, I have to admit that the reason I chose this particular Scalzi book was because it was narrated by Wil Wheaton, which always works out well for me in the Audio Book picking process.

Fuzzy Nation

Jack Holloway and his dog are loaner prospectors. They work a little piece of land miles away from the rest of humanity on the planet of Zara 23. In the course of one afternoon he goes from being fired to the potentially wealthiest prospector in history.

Of course, that’s all before his… Continue reading

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