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Relationships Minus the Side of Cheese


Below is a wonderful article about non-cheesy relationship stories. Elizabeth originally sent it to me to put up before Valentine’s day, but there were technical delays. Yes, they were very technical. Still, it’s a good article and I hope you enjoy it.

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Horror Season is Upon Us, and Elizabeth Elkhart Gives you a Great Start. #GuestPost


With the recent bout of mainstream horror novels hitting the shelves, the general populace seems to again have picked up an interest in the darker sides of storytelling. Devil’s Knot is one of the more recent stories to make the

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Unaccompanied Sonata And The Dystopian Movie Genre – #GuestPost by @ElizEckhart


The dystopian film and novel genre has become increasingly popular as of late. It seems as if audiences are both terrified and intrigued by the notion of a world not too far from their own, yet lacking the government restraints

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Godzilla Lives On – Return of the Ever-Popular Gorilla Whale (A Guest Post by Elizabeth Eckhart)


Godzilla Lives On – Return of the Ever-Popular Gorilla Whale It’s not hard to understand the enduring appeal of the Gojira franchise: an enormous lizard-like life-form lays waste to an urban landscape (occasionally with the help of other, equally rubber-suited,

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Guest Post – Elizabeth Eckhart – Divergent vs. The Hunger Games


The March 21st release of the film Divergent saw crowds lining up to catch what is only the latest in a series of films based on YA dystopian book series. Looking at the $54 million it took in on opening

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