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#Doodle – Ninja-corn vs Dinosaur


I swear, there is something seriously messed up about my life… Somehow I went from being a bad cartoonist to being Lisa Frank on acid.

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A Glittery Day Off


I was going to tell you about how disappointed I was in Missouri today, but it can wait until I’m ready to get good and liquored up and truly rant about it. That’s a bit for another time, if ever.

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#Doodle – By Request – Space Penguin Viking Matt


I told twitter the other day that my Vikings were my 3rd favorite thing to draw, behind pictures of myself being a lazy fat ass and penguins. It was suggested that it might be fun if I drew a Matt-Penguin-Viking

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#DailyDoodle – Glitter Nuts!


I have been getting a seriously large influx of requests lately on my doodle drawing time. I love it, but the work is starting to pile up. I think I need to figure out a good way to focus on

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Publicly Requested Digression: Glitter


So.. Here you go:   Tired of that embarrassing Glitter Based Flatulence? Never fear! There is a solution! Try the brand new ASS CORK! And you’re problems will be gone forever!   THANKS ASSCORK!   -From the Makers of DeathStabs

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New Writer Podcast

Did you know I host a podcast? I do, and you can click here to listen to it, or find us on itunes!