A Glittery Day Off

CloseUpMeI was going to tell you about how disappointed I was in Missouri today, but it can wait until I’m ready to get good and liquored up and truly rant about it. That’s a bit for another time, if ever. No, today is a special day. It’s Wednesday, which means the blessings of Odin are upon us or something. Also, my friend Sara kindly asked me to put some glitter on today’s post, and caffeine, and I’m pretty much incapable of saying “no” to anyone.

Besides, I’m clearly going insane at the moment. It’s the power of my beard.

Still, I will carry on, for Odin and Glitter.

Even if it’s not particularly easy to remain jovial and humorous when then entire culture you were raised in is being burned to the ground by hate-mongering sociopaths unfit to line the bottoms of hamster cages, but “We must endeavor to persevere,” and all that.

Whatever… It’s Wednesday.

There is magic afoot…


#Doodle – By Request – Space Penguin Viking Matt


I told twitter the other day that my Vikings were my 3rd favorite thing to draw, behind pictures of myself being a lazy fat ass and penguins.

It was suggested that it might be fun if I drew a Matt-Penguin-Viking that was actively Glitter Farting his way through space.


Also, he should be holding a mug of ale and a chicken leg.

Comments aside of the fact that I drew a PENGUIN eating a CHICKEN leg (these are both birds), I think it’s okay that I have perfected the art of drawing glitter farts…


Also, in my world 100% of Vikings drink from horns. I don’t care if It’s historically accurate. Also, his hat has horns, even though I know that’s not historically accurate…

#DailyDoodle – Glitter Nuts!

GlitterNutHammerI have been getting a seriously large influx of requests lately on my doodle drawing time. I love it, but the work is starting to pile up. I think I need to figure out a good way to focus on one or two projects at a time.


It’s getting crazy hectic up in the Pro Adult Office these days.


Anyway, the Glitter Nuts are a bit of a shout out to my homey @Chatterbox_Sara (Domestic Type), with my hope that everything goes great for her in the weeks to come!



Oh, and just because I could. I also made a giant pile of Glitter Nuts..



Glitter Nuts..



When you bust them, out pours their sweet, glittering syrup.





I went there.