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  • Sometimes, The Heart Bleeds to Pop Punk

    There are days when I need to listen to pop punk. It can serve as a constant reminder of my roots as an overly serious teenager. Ironic, considering most pop punk is about being immature, stupid, and doing things I never did. There are gems. Songs with enough emotional weight they crawl inside my soul […]

  • I did something awesome

    Today, I did something I truly enjoyed. I helped someone with a story. It wasn’t a perfect experience. I was hyper and jumping all over the place in my mind. I asked questions and got answers. I offered advice and encouragement. I didn’t actually create something, but I helped someone else develop their own creation, […]

  • Empty Spaces Part 3

    Once again, I find myself leaving behind the empty spaces. Each time I’ve done this in the past, he has felt like closing a chapter on my life. This time, however, instead of being forced to change paths by circumstance and misfortune, I am beginning the next chapter on my own terms. For the last […]

  • I’ve Always Been A Dog Person

    I think most children have an imaginary friend. My parents probably knew there was something wrong with me when I didn’t–I had an imaginary Scottish Terrier. I’ve Always Been a Dog Person If cats are the ninjas of the animal world, dogs are the samurai. Fierce, loyal, honorable protectors of home and family. Sometimes silent. […]

  • The Incredibly Long and Endless Journey of Self-Fulfillment

    Early in this blog’s history, I wrote a series of posts declaring my self-improvement intentions.  Though I haven’t always been moving in the right direction, I have managed to keep one foot in front of the other. Now, a mere four years, six months, and twenty-six days later, I’ve decided it is time for me to […]

  • And Our Descendants Shall Transverse the Great Black Wastes to the Eye of Hope

    There is a place in Springfield, where Glenstone meets the James River Expressway. In that place, there is a vast shopping center made up of dozens of businesses. One of those businesses happens to be the endless expanses of DIY know how known as Home Depot. If you have never been to a Home Depot, […]

  • Shake off the Memories: The Windsor

    It’s been ten years since I first joined my small host of friends in he Windsor apartment in Springfield, MO. It’s a been hard to realize that. It seems like it was so recent, and yet, it is already fading in my memory. Ten years ago, I was 19, broke and depressed. I guess the […]


    One of my closest friends is getting married on Saturday. This is great news for him. His fiancé is a wonderful woman. I am happy for him. I’m glad he was able to find someone who should bring joy and love into his life. I hope that they have decades and decades of contentment and […]

  • WARNING: Pineapple Bombers Contain Alcohol (A #Scintilla13 Story)

    I’m not sure I want to share this story because there are some things I think I’d just be better off keeping to myself until there is no possible chance that my mother could read them. Unfortunately for me, it seems like robot body upgrades aren’t as far off as they once were, and it […]

  • Blog Hop 2013

    There is a thing that is going around. It is called a blog hop. I happened to catch it from Jason over at Love Letters and Suicide Notes, one of my favorite cyber-writers. He in turn caught it from our mutual friend mark Stratton, poet extraordinaire.  It’s like the good kind of cybernetic STD, the one […]