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Rewrites, Edits, and Beta-Readers – An Update

Most of you probably know that I recently finished the first draft of my New Adult Urban Fantasy Adventure Novel. As of right now, I’m also about 1/4 of the way through the rewrite for Draft 2. This project has taken a lot more time than I thought it was going to need, but I’ve learned so much from it, that I wouldn’t trade the last few months for anything. You see, I’ve written a book in the past. I’ve even tried to convince myself that I was editing it, when I was really just slapping it around and calling myself horrible names. This book, though, has been a very, very different experience.

It started as a wriggly thought-worm in the back of my head years and years ago. I kept telling myself, or anyone that cornered me about my writing, that this was the project I was working on.… Continue reading

Slashing it All to Pieces – A Bit about Chris – Excerpts From the Cutting Room Floor

Okay, I might feel a little bad, because I’ve been exploiting my friendship with one Mr. Chris Brown (no, not that Chris Brown, the Yeti Detective Chris Brown) for going on, well, we’re into our second decade of friendship, and for people under 30, that’s a long time. You see, for as long as I’ve known the man, we’ve been simultaneously at odds and partners in crime.

The truth is, Chris is my best friend. I should probably honor him a little more than I do. I mean, not everyone has their own trained yeti laying around. That’s something a little special.

Unfortunately, in the rewrite of the book, I’m basically cutting out any of the sections that don’t fit directly into the story, and that pretty much means everything I’ve written about Chris, which honestly is a lot.

So, I thought I might share two quick excerpts, the… Continue reading

Slashing It All To Pieces – Excerpts from the Cutting Room Floor – Part 3: My Mother

Today’s excerpt is roughly 400 words from the middle of a section about my mom that pushes in on something like 2000 words by itself. I like this piece of it because it hi-lights what I, as a man without children, think is the essence of motherhood. It’s a bit tongue in cheek and I hope you enjoy it for what it is.

I take after my mom quite a bit, and not just because I look like her. My mother helps people, any way that she can, and though she’s tempered it with caution over the years, she is still more likely to say yes to someone in need than to turn them away. This is a trait that I have developed also. My mother instilled in me an empathy for the people around me, and I do what I can to take care of them because that is… Continue reading

Slashing It All To Pieces – Excerpts from the Cutting Room Floor – Part 2: My Father, My Hero

Continuing my series of things that I have cut from my book but think you might like to read, here is the next part. I actually didn’t put the entire section up, because I think I’ve spent enough time on my blog fawning over my dad, but I wanted to share the second part of it with all of you. Basically, I wanted to put the emotion out there, and in my opinion that’s the real meat and potatoes of the entire thing. The raw, unfiltered emotions.

You can never go wrong with a strong emotional outburst.

Quote me on that.

My Father, My Hero

My father taught me other things as well, like how to get everything done quickly so that you can rock out later, and to analyze every story for its barest of components. He taught me that Babylon 5 was better than Star Trek because it… Continue reading

Slash It All to Pieces – Excerpt from the Cutting Room Floor – Part 1: Who Am I?

As I said on Monday, I am going to start sharing some of the things that I was cutting from the book. For the most part I think some of them make pretty good blog posts, or would make a pretty interesting read but don’t exactly fit into the scheme of the book with the direction I want to take it. I don’t plan on sharing anything that I believe just truly sucks, and in fact, I will probably print that off on paper and burn it in effigy just to free myself from the horror of having created it. No arguing, there are something that must be unmade!

Today’s excerpt actually used to be Part 1 of the book, and I thought I’d start with the top and work my way down. As I see it, of the roughly 50,000 words in my manuscript about 20,000 or so… Continue reading

Choices: Seven Keys Saga Book 1