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Ronald McDonald Didn’t Make Your Kids Fat

Don’t Blame The Clown

Now, don’t get me wrong, I blame clowns for a lot of things. In the deepest recesses of my mind I think I am permanently warped by Steven King into believing that clowns are giant, alien spiders that exist to feed off of fear and death. They are here for no reason other than being just creepy enough that it is socially acceptable to use them as the dark scapegoat of the night. The problem is, like most scapegoats, the clowns aren’t really at blame here. It’s not Ronald McDonald’s fault that you fed your kids nothing but french fries and processed chicken meat for the first 6 years of their life.


"I did not force that child to eat those big macs!"

I am a fat man. I think you need to understand that right away. I am 6’1″ tall and weigh in right… Continue reading

Criminal Behavior should Have Criminal Consequences

Let me just start out by putting it out there plain and simple. I can solve all of our current economic and political problems with one simple solution:

Eliminate all Civil Lawsuits

That’s right. It is that simple. The court system in this country is overtaxed and over burned to by civil lawsuits. Our medical costs are outrageous because every time someone isn’t miraculously cured by a doctor, they get sued. We all know about the woman that won millions of dollars because she was too stupid to drink coffee. I could probably win a lawsuit against KFC because eating fried chicken has left me a giant fatty. These things drag down our legal system and cost our government millions of dollars a year.

But what about the legitimate civil cases.

There are some legitimate law suits. There are times when doctors do make some serious mistakes, and they should… Continue reading

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