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The Impossible Bucket List – Because I’m Cooler Than Reality Allows

This morning I was struck with a sudden and brilliant moment of inspiration. It was filled with clarity, genius and insight. I coddled it in my brain-arms and breathed into it deeply of my imagination and wit, coalescing it into a force of raw, unadulterated wisdom that must have come directly from the Divine Almighty. But then my dog was all, “I need to go potty, NOA!” and I forgot what I was thinking about. Fortunately, once the sleepy morning grog began to wear off, I came across today’s blog post over at Life Without Pants and was struck by a whole new genius thought. 

They should make Peanut Butter cups with Apple Butter in them, too.

Actually, that was a re-occurrence of an idea I’d had last night while watching Master Chef, but it was a really good idea, so I let it get a double play. Then, I… Continue reading

There Is a Word for When You Stop Growing…

So, there is an NPR article floating around the twitterverse today. It’s all about how important your 20s are to the rest of your life. The entire article quotes all kinds of statistics, and is and of itself, inherently wrong in every possible context of the word. Of course, we all already know this. We all have floating around in the back of our minds this brilliant understanding that no matter what we’re doing at the moment, we could conceivably do something else entirely at any point. Basically, we all know that we have options, no matter how old we are. Still, articles like this have a certain, powerful sway over people because as much as we know that we can always change directions, we are completely terrified to do so.

Society Benefits from You Being a Coward

Let’s face it. Our entire social structure is built around the idea… Continue reading

Choices: Seven Keys Saga Book 1