Tag: Aging

  • My Definition of Success Is My White Whale

    My father launched a blog this week. He has posted three posts. The first explains why he created a blog instead of just posting his stuff on Facebook, the second is celebrating Mother’s Day, and the third is his definition of success as a blogger. That’s right. My father has been a blogger for a week and […]

  • My Brain is Melting because I’m Almost 30

    Recently, I’ve begun to understand something extremely important involving the “Generation Wars.” The closer I get to turning 30, the more I realize the secrets of what is going on around here. When you look at washed up Gen Xers and the Angry BabyBoomers, they start throwing things and calling you all kinds of horrible […]

  • Getting Older is just Advancing to the Next Level

    Life gets harder as you get older, just like the levels of video games, getting harder as you get closer to the final boss and the top score page.