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  • Damn, I really am an adult now…

    No shit, this morning, I made my bed. No one asked me to, no one prompted me. I didn’t even want to make my bed, I just did, because it’s become habit. You see, I’ve made my bed every morning for the last couple of weeks. EVERY MORNING. That includes Saturdays, and you’re not even […]

  • A New Hat – On my Way to Gentlemanishness

    I love hats, and I have once again started collecting them. Expect to hear more about hats in the future.

  • The Terrifying Truth of Good Credit

    For the last couple of years I’ve done that crazy thing where you pay your bills on time and spend your extra money paying off debt. I think they call it living a fiscally responsible adulthood. I started down the path going, “If I keep this up, eventually I’ll be all debt free and be […]

  • 30 Before 30 – Goals for Adulthood

    There are about 7 weeks left to my 28th birthday, and that has me thinking about a lot of things. I’ve never been big on the planning for the future front. I’m just not good at looking ahead and figuring out what I want or what I need to get it. I’ve never really had […]

  • Too Young to Be the Grumpy Old Man

    It’s the dark day when you realize that at the venerable old age of 27, you have become the grumpy, bitter, old man in your group of friends. Of course certain friends of mine that seek to actively remind me that I “hate things that are fun,” usually while I’m lecturing him on the wisdom […]

  • M. A. Brotherton, Freelance Adult?

    Apparently there is a market for my poorly drawn doodles. I suppose that obligates me to sell them, right? So that means I’m going to. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I’m putting together my portfolio of doodles, including updates a few of my poorly drawn ms-paint pictures and getting them together […]

  • How to Be an Adult

    The other day, Stereo* of uncletypewriter wrote a pretty awesome article about the lessons you have to learn as an adult, why they should write a book about it. It really resonated with me, because a big part of my time is spent thinking about how I can be more of a real grown up […]

  • How to know if you’re an adult!

    No, Seriously, how do we know when we’re an adult? There should be some form of clearly defined rules for when you have gone from being a schmoe into being an actual full on, honest to God, functioning member of society, e.g., and adult. I’ve decided to make a checklist to see if I fall into that category of adult, instead of, you know, just a guy. Being the industrious man of the people I am, I decided I would head out among the populous of cyberspace to see what everyone else thought defined adulthood.