Tag: Addiction

  • The Heart is a Filthy, God Damn Liar

    So, people are always talking about things like, “Do what’s in your heart,” and “the heart wants what the heart wants.” Want to know some hard truths? The heart is a devious, lying sack of crap. Partially because it’s a fickle bitch that doesn’t actually know what the hell it wants, and partially because it […]

  • Wasting Time On Facebook with a Flock of Misanthropic Avians

      I have from time to time, discussed my preference for using Facebook as my greatest time waster. I have lamented the hours of time spent building my pretend medieval society in Castleville. I have talked about my mad frog-shooting skills in Zuma Blitz. I have avoided talking about the fact that I am addicted […]

  • Untethered – A Day without My Cell Phone is Like a Day in Hell

    I slept in. That’s my fault, I know, and it threw my whole morning off by 10 minutes. Getting dressed was rushed, I only straightened up the sheets on my bed instead of actually making it, and I wolfed down my breakfast fast enough to get the hiccups. In the end, my rush to recover […]

  • Anger and Frustration

    For the last couple of weeks, a pattern has emerged around me that I’ve been partly ignoring. You see, it’s possible to ignore things like these when you don’t have them being thrown directly in your face. It’s easy to ignore them when they don’t affect anyone you personally know. It’s hard not to ignore […]

  • I can’t Stop Playing Castleville…

    I know what you’re probably thinking. How is it that I, an admitted Zuma Addict, could possibly fallen into the world of Castleville? Well, like any such story of decline into a dark and seedy world, it all started with a girl. You see, when I mentioned that romance thing a little while back, I […]