Tag: 30 Days of Thanks

  • #30DaysOfThanks – Snow Trucks

    When the wind blows in from the north and craps out piles of snow atop the metro, the brave snowmen can be seen, plowing it into bigger piles and salting the Earth.

  • #30DaysofThanks – Fans

    When you live in a cave heated by lava, you can get pretty hot. Also, it is waaaaaaay too quiet out here to sleep. There is a cure for that, and the cure is my fan. My fan is humble and loud. One day I might replace it with something bigger… or maybe one of […]

  • #30DaysofThanks – Box Full of Notebooks

    I have an addiction to bound paper. No. It’s pretty serious. Still, a giant pile of notebooks centers my soul. It leaves me feeling comfortable and excited. What I’m saying here is my box rocks my socks, and for that, I’m greatful.

  • #30DaysofThanks – Twitter

    There are a lot of reasons I am thankful for twitter. Community, entertainment, and kitty pictures are just a handful of those reasons. More than anything, though, this week I am thankful because all of you tweeps have been so encouraging and supportive about Abbey. Thanks for that.

  • #30DaysofThanks – A Working Remote

    You don’t know what it’s like to live without a working remote in a modern world until you don’t have one. Look, I’m not a lazy bastard. I can get up to change the channel, but… modern TVs can be a little pissy in that regard. They don’t seem to like coming with buttons installed […]

  • #30DaysofThanks – Suspenders

    I have no ass, but I am still rotund. Belts do nothing for me. The only cure to my infinite plumbers crack is Suspernders.

  • #30DaysofThanks – Sharpies

    Sharpies are magical, you should go out and try doodling with one right now!

  • #30DaysofThanks : Care Credit

    30 Days of Thanks is a wonderful way of extending one day of Gratitude into a full month. In my opinion, we can all use a bit more gratitude. Thanks to the wonderful Amanda of Me, My Dogs, My Life, for creating it. Feel free to join us on Twitter, using the hash tag #30DaysofThanks. […]

  • #30DaysofThanks – Energy Drinks

    Starting off my 30 days with something small and building up to the big stuff. Today, I am thankful for the existance of energy drinks.