Surely you’ve got something better?

Ok. The Midterm elections are upon us, and we’re in full swing with what can only be considered the “Meh, I’ve got nothing,” elections.

There are a lot of hot button issues that we could be talking about, Health Care Reform, Bailouts, Gay Marriage, but we aren’t seeing that right now in our political campaigns. No, we’ve got some purely insane things we’d rather be arguing about

Aqua Buddha!

You’ve probably heard by now, that the Senate race in Kentucky between Rand Paul and Jack Conway is a heated race with national recognition. You might have even googled it, its talked about enough in the media. But, is it a heart felt debate about Government spending or human rights? No… its a race about stupid college pranks.

I mean, seriously, isn’t saying, “I was in a fake cult in college,” like saying, “I got drunk at a frat party once.” Besides, aren’t there real secret societies for politicians? Didn’t George W Bush carry a human bone on him or something like that?

Ohio Nazis!

Rich Iott has come under fire for wearing a Nazi uniform during a World War II Re-enactment. Really? This is an issue we should focus on during an election? I for one, think its awesome that a candidate can be declared a history geek. I mean, do you think that he believes in the Nazi political philosophy? If he did, he would probably be endorsed by the American Nazi Party. I checked the website… he’s not.

Really, calling this guy out is like saying you think all the guys in Grey Uniforms at the Civil War re-enactments believe in slavery, or the guy on the horse at the RenFaire thinks he’s a knight.

Its ridiculous.

At times it seems like the only candidates covering issues are the Rent is Too Damn High Guys!

The list keeps going. Its baffling!

What are some of the ads in your area concentrating on?

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