Going To Go for Stoic Badass

StoicBadassWait for the inbound irony:

I’m Tired of Complaining

Did you catch what I through out there. That’s called humorous irony, my friends.

Now, what I did there (and here) is called unnecessary exposition.

Isn’t this fun?

For the better part of forever, I’ve felt a bit like a giant ball of negativity. I try really hard not to be that guy, but I find myself constantly falling into the category of “tragically glib with nothing to really say.”

Maybe I should try my hand at a new approach.

Less is More.

Quiet Cool.

What do you think, internets?

2 thoughts on “Going To Go for Stoic Badass

  1. More is less. Crap Awesome. I’m tired of being tired. That one runs you around in circles – does it not? Not it does? Undone is not done in.

  2. Gawd, I’m soooo with you on this. I keep walking this line between Debbie Downer or Heather the Insano Happy Freak. I need to find middle ground. I need to get back to work again. SIGH.

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