Small State – Big Question

If you’re up to read some amazing ideas by some talented writers, then I suggest you head over to Elizabeth Howard’s Letters from a Small State and check out her “Big Question” series. The question for  September, “What does America Want?,” is a pretty important one as we go into the runs of the Election season. If you want you can even start with my guestpostAmerica Wants Support

Anyway, check back here tomorrow for a double blog post Friday. It’ll be a good time.

2 thoughts on “Small State – Big Question

  1. smallstate says:

    Matt, Thanks so much for your post… as I commented, there was something quite deep and fragile in it. I think it keyed into an idea that what we are creating for ourselves is more illusion and that is so scary. Thanks again!

  2. It’s the whole – your utopia is my hell and my utopia is your hell sort of thing. I’ve been meaning to blog about this very thing and now I might just have to. Good post, btw.

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