Slow Week for #NaNoWriMo as I enjoy November

It rained most of this week, which you would think would give me plenty of time to get some writing done because I wouldn’t be able to play outside with the other kids, but you’d be wrong. The cold rainy days of late fall are always the hardest for me as far as getting up the motivation to do anything goes. For some insane reason work decided to pick up this week, too. These aren’t excuses, I managed to get all of my words in during the week and am still running about three days ahead.

Of course, November is a magical time of year in Missouri, where the weather transitions from the beautiful leaves and crisp winds of October into the dreary, raining sludge filled awesomeearly winter. It’s a great time to get yourself into a good funk, which can actually be pretty good for the creative spirit. Since I was too busy at work to get a good writing  flow going, I instead started doodling.

In a fit of boredom, I even made a trip to Office Depot to check out their giant wall of pens and convinced myself it was time to take the plunge and buy a Sharpie Pen. Since all of my pens are black, I decided to get a blue one. So far, I’m very happy with my decision.

Have you ever had a Sharpie that you didn’t like?

I haven’t.

Anyway, I’ve slowed down my progress on my NaNoWriMo project. I hit the second week blues, when you start to look at your project and realize that it Is the absolute worst thing anyone has ever written. It took having a pretty great cheerleader asking me every couple of hours how many words I had written to get me through it. All that matters is the word count, it can be rewritten into something good later.

I also got a great piece of advice from my Dad that I think everyone participating in NaNoWriMo should read:

No such thing as unusable. It just may not fit this project. Beside, remember the old saying, from tiny acorns giant oaks grow. If only a portion of your 50000 words fit the storyline then that start will grow to be a big finished product. Keep up the good work and fine tune it another time.

So, keep plowing away, and if you get stuck, there is always doodling. No one reads your 50,000 words, so even if you just write, “I am a giant looser” over and over again, you are technically a winner.

But don’t do that…. I’m copyrighting that idea.

4 thoughts on “Slow Week for #NaNoWriMo as I enjoy November

  1. Brandee says:

    Your dad is so cool!

    1. You know, he pointed out at breakfast that you had declared him cool in the comments on my blog. You’ve given him an ego booster. 😀

  2. Roxanne says:

    Your father is lovely – and right. Keep on writing and enjoying the November funk…

    1. I find the phrase, “My father is right,” to be someone redundant most of the time… Dude is a genius, through and through.

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