#Reverb11 – Away from Keyboard

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Ok, It's not a doodle, but I also will never forget the awesome moment when my scarf was blowing in the wind for this great picture!

When I look back over the last year, I realize I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in front of a computer. My desktop at home, my laptop at home, my computer at work, and even my smartphone are always on hand to connect me to the wonderful world of the internet, and more importantly, Twitter. Even when I’m not actively using the computer, I’m usually near one. I’m connected, I’m jacked in and it feels so good.

Usually, if I’m not aimlessly surfing across the vast reaches of cyberspace, I’m scribbling ideas into a notebook or doodling on any scrap of paper I happen to have laying nearby. I guess I’m always trying to find a new way to use ink to show the world my thoughts without ever actually interacting with it.

That’s why the moments in my life when I am pulled away from the security blanket that I call cyberspace and thrown into the world of people are rare and novel for me. I use think about them as these wonderful deviations from a life that is meant to be spent never leaving my house. There are times when I don’t even really know for sure if I’m in the same world anymore.

When I was perusing through my growing collection of Reverb prompts this morning, looking for something that just screamed out at me, I came across this one:

A Moment in Time – Tell us about one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget.

I knew when I read it that it was the prompt for me today, but at the same time, I didn’t really know exactly how to answer it yet. The last few months have felt like an increasingly large gift that just keeps piling on great things, people and experiences, and it’s hard to just take one moment that I will never forget. I thought about the rush of finishing my NaNoWriMo, or the warmth of a house full of family for Thanksgiving, and even having my parents back in my life in the flesh, instead of just a disembodied voice on the phone.

From there, I started thinking about how those experiences shaped me, and the amazing things I’ve experienced this year.

Early in January, I got scared about my father’s health, and it woke me up to a few problems of my own. I’m still struggling to come to terms with what I need to do to fix my life, but I am still working on it. I haven’t given up just yet, but so far, I’m not making the progress I wanted to.

I also had a great experience eating Ethopian food with some amazing friends. It isn’t something I think I’ll ever forget. It was an amazing night.

In the spring, a slight shock ran through my family as my grandfather passed away. It was the first time in years that I saw some of my extended family. I had spent so long away from them, I had forgotten how much I needed them in my life. That weekend let me resolve that I would make an effort to be in their lives more, so that I could have them in mine.

Back in July, I found out that I love Pinot, but you shouldn’t mix it with Merlot. Trust me when I say, that is one lesson I WILL NEVER FORGET!

Of all the conversations that I have had with my brother, the one that we shared on the drive up to Montana back in August was incredibly profound for me. Stuck in a car for something like 20 hours, we talked about everything from zombies to heartache. He helped me finally put the last pieces in place to let go of my failed marriage and move on.

Then, Chris and I did something we’d been talking about for over a decade, we recorded ourselves being awesome and put it on the internet for the first time.

Yep, my year has been pretty full, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. There are other things that I will never forget. Time spent with friends barbecuing. Nights spent at bars nervously waiting for a drunken riot to ignite around me.

Even a new blossoming romance.

All in all, 2011 was a year of great moments. I hope that I can build on that and turn 2012 into a year of legendary moments.

And 2013 into a year when we all have to fight off our evil reptile alien overlords.


22 thoughts on “#Reverb11 – Away from Keyboard

  1. Stereo.* says:

    I read all of this with a smile on my face and then I got to this:

    “Even a new blossoming romance.” and my face sort of exploded into a grin.

    I’m happy for you, my friend and am hoping for more wonderful moments for you in the coming year.

    1. Well, I told her I wouldn’t write about her on the blog, but it’s too much a good thing for me to not mention it during Reverb! 

  2. Liz(artemisretreats) says:

    Hurray! This post just has me rooting for you, saying YES! YES! YES! while reading.

    1. Awe, thanks! That gives me warm fuzzy feelings that I do not attribute to the cold medicine. 

  3. Mark says:

    Getting over a failed marriage is rough sledding. Having family to give you a different view is a blessing.

    You are inspiring to me, Matt

    1. Thanks, Mark. It’s been a rough couple of years, but I see a lot of who I’d like to be in you, too. 

  4. Roxanne says:

    I hope you know that to my hippie, love-loving heart, the sentence about your blossoming romance is the one that earns the biggest grin. What a year you’ve had, my friend… 

    1. It’s been a great year for me, but it’s been a crazy year for you! Stay safe over there in the danger zone, actually I’ve heard that playing Kenny Loggins at high volumes has been declared a war crime on par with biological weapons, so I should probably say stay safe over there in the hot spots. 

  5. smallstate says:

    What a great post… Matt you do something with your writing that I just can’t seem to do: be REAL! I love that so much. XOXO . You are BEAUTIFUL!

    1. I don’t think I write any more “real” than you or anyone else. I just write what comes out of my head and don’t let myself spend a lot of time editing it. 

  6. Meredith says:

    You’ve certainly had an eventful year. May 2012 be the legendary year you’re hoping for!

    1. I certainly hope so. On the other hand, if it isn’t, I’m pretty sure I’ll do well fighting the reptile alien overlords anyway. 

  7. Yes, I agree! The blossoming romance makes us incredibly thrilled and excited for you! Hoorah! I think you’ve grown a lot this year. I think you are becoming more sure of yourself, Matt which is important because you are multi-talented in so many ways. I need to catch up on the podcasts. I plan on loading them to my kitchen iPod this week. Can’t wait! 

    1. Make sure your daughter isn’t around to hear them playing…. I’d hate to be a horrible influence on a kid I’m not even around! 

      I think I’ve grown up a bit this year, too, but I think I still have a long way to go. 

      Thank you, so much, Tracy, for being part of that process. 

  8. dominique says:

    i’m happy for your awesome moments. i’ll have to third (or maybe fourth?) the special joy over the blossoming romance – that’s amazing 🙂 

    1. Thanks, she’s pretty special. 

  9. Sara Olson-Liebert says:

    This whole post made me smile and I echo Stereo “Even a new blossoming romance.” and my face sort of exploded into a grin.  You’re a bit too awesome to not be all r9diculously happy. Love your Doctor Who scarf btw! Also, Safety Dance!

    1. Yep, she made that for me, by the way. I found myself a Doctor Who Fan Girl to rival even YOU.

  10. rita says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!  That’s SOME list!

    1. Thanks. I spent a lot of time on it when I probably should have been sleeping. 😉

  11. Patti Murphy says:

    That’s a year of big changes, Matt. Bravo. I find that I have the best experiences when I’m away from my computer. The problem I have is powering through when I’m stuck. I should follow your lead. And congrats on the budding romance.

    1. It’s not so much my lead, as it’s having friends that will kidnap you from your home against your will and force you to have a good time.

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