#Reverb11 – #WEverb11 – Haiku-a-go-go

Weverb11 – a Reverb11 group, suggests we write a haiku.



The red crow flies high,
laughing in the winter sky.
Harvest comes too soon.

Cold feet on wet snow
rushing through the yard urgent
for the perfect squat

Bucket full of bird
deep fried and extra crispy
In my mouth you go

On my head it rests,
My very magic trilby hat,
It makes me look sharp.

The Dog begs again,
She really wants some chicken
or to go outside.

The year I did some great things,
Like eat sherbet floats.

Many haiku here,
Are all about my eating,
I am a glutton.

In Columbia,
Mark sits mumbling angrily,
these are not haiku

One more for today;
I think it should be about
Being Pro-Adult

Ha,ha, I lied,
there are more coming below
some are really bad.

Feeling guilty now,
For mocking this ancient art,
For I lack talent.


Thank you.


My dear friend Inkytwig has kindly requested a haiku doodle. So I have obliged.

In honor of it also being “International Day of the Ninja” I give you: Haiku Ninja.


[media-credit id=1 align=”alignnone” width=”550″][/media-credit]

In a Puff of Smoke/Appear the Haiku Ninja/Double Pens Writing – For Inkytwig

10 thoughts on “#Reverb11 – #WEverb11 – Haiku-a-go-go

  1. Leslie says:

    I love this in a sick sort of way.

    1. I enjoyed writing it in a sick sort of way. It was a nice break from the usual deep emotional examination of Reverb11

  2. silversign says:


  3. I was going to do a haiku too! This is incredible. Love it as it made me chuckle heartily and I always enjoy a good chuckle. You took the haiku to a new level of insanity and I love it. More please. I think you need a haiku doodle. the sneezing haiku. the haiku master – something – anything please!

    1. For you, Tracy, I will doodle a haiku doodle that is unmatched in the doodlin’ world.

  4. Meredith says:

    I giggled out loud at the “in my mouth you go” line. Is it in line with the ancient art form? No. Is it amusing and creative? Yes. Welcome to my Google Reader, fellow reverber.

    1. Thanks. I don’t have much patience for inspiring natural landscapes and metaphors, but I can count syllables! I figure if I make enough people laugh, I won’t go to poet hell for it.

  5. Roxanne says:

    In my mouth you go. I am still cracking up. You are hilarious — and Tracy was right to push for a doodle for this one! It really completes the feeling…

    1. There is a doodle floating around in my twitpics also of me unhinging my jaw to devour said chicken, also done by request. I should add it to this post as well.

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