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The Man Who Ate Too Many Tacos

The Man Who Ate Too Many Tacos

The chair groaned beneath Gregory Padillia’s massive girth, an echoing frustration of the downtrodden staff. He could feel them frowning in defeat as he raised taco number 93 to his gaping jaw and bit down. The flavor of the spicy meat, tangy cheese, and crunchy shell changed with each bite, each step closer to victory. “He can’t possibly get to …

Let Rest the Wind

Let Rest The Wind

Clouds parted and split in the black sky, allowing a small sliver of silver light to pierce the temple shadows. It slid seamlessly through the great stone pillars. One small beam of Belagal’s blessing crossing through the unending night to land directly at Velik’s feet. The old caretaker smiled and stepped into it, letting it fill him with warmth. Belagal’s …