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There is a substantial difference between 8 AM and 8 PM. The last of which is what type of food you can get your hands on without cooking. Did you know that you can’t eat pizza food dinner of you’re nocturnal? On the other hand, there are no breakfast burritos. You can get real burritos though…

I think it might also be slowly but steadily driving me insane…

I have to admit that becoming nocturnal was a conscious decision. Part of living in B.F.E. is a complete lack of technology. For some reason they just won’t run the necessary wires all the way of here. That means we harvest all outside information from the sky. (For the record, we harvest great from underground…)

Satellites control all of our outside communications. Giant disks mounted to our roof rip the signals from the sky. It’s all very sci-fi and post-apocalyptic. It also means that some things my friends in town take for granted, like high-speed internet full of Netflix, is an impossibility here most of the time. We get a pretty good speed through the satellites, but the data limits are incredibly strict. Most people don’t realize how much data watching their favourite shows actually use.

Fortunately, our data is unlimited between midnight and 5 AM…

I’ve noticed a few things about the world of 9-5 in reverse. First and foremost, getting up at 6 AM and going to bed at midnight is much easier than getting up at 6 PM and starting up until noon. Secondly, people seem to have developed an inherent sense of, I don’t know, invertedness.

It probably isn’t healthy.

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