My night at the Record Bar

8:30 PM
I got here early. Too early, in fact. The cover band was playing and I was alone in a sea of the middle aged mingling with the earliest arrivals of hipsters.
My roommates were with me, but one of them were under 21, so they went to take her home. Now I’m sitting outside waiting for the rest of our crew.
9:14 PM
Reward Tree just got here. That’s my friend’s band that we’re here to see. Finally someone here that I know.
9:30 PM
Cooking Commerade is now here! It’s a blog party!
10:00 pm
The first band, Brad Hoshaw & the Seven Deadlies just took the stage,and my roommate just got back with my car. I can now enjoy myself.
Seven Deadlies is pretty folksy. I’m really digging them. Every night should be awesome music night.
10:30 PM
Out on the patio, still rocking out to Seven Deadlies, and we just realized that we are hipsters.
10:49 PM
Sad that some of my friends are missing this. These guys are great. Very southern rock out of Omaha, and half these songs are about whiskey.
10:56 PM
Wishing my Dad was here. I think he’d really dig these guys. I think I’m going to buy their cd.
11:04 PM
I bought their CD
11:29 PM
Second band is doing sound check. We didn’t catch their name.
11:40 PM
New band has female vocals. I’m a sucker for female vocals. Apparently, I’m the only one in the group that is.
11:48 pm
New band sucks. We are all now ignoring the screeching and shitty keyboards and are tweeting to talk over the level of post-modern-emo-Evanessence-Pink-Floyd-wannabe band.
They are like a crappy version of the Dresden Dolls.
12:27 AM
Reward Tree is setting up and the last of our party has arrived. I also am now drinking a rum and coke. So far tonight was money well spent.
James Bond drinks Vodka Martinis. Remember kids, designated drivers are cool. Reward Tree just started rocking out.
Night well spent.

Every once in a while, you just have to go out with a bunch of friends and see some music.

Don’t forget, sometimes you just have to bounce around to the music.