Nerdcore died? Maybe I lamented it a little early

I learned about Nerdcore about 10-years ago. Sure, I’d listened MC Hawking a few years before but didn’t really know about the huge community. I didn’t get it until after Penny Arcade shined a light on it. Even then, it was just a garnish. MC Frontalot serving as a sidepiece to more traditional geek musicians, like Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, or Hard ‘n Phirm.

But, I dove down the rabbit hole, and I loved it.

If you’re not familiar with Nerdcore, allow me to give you a crash course in the form of a YouTube video:

That’s right. Hip-hop for geeks, nerds, and gamers. It saw the height’s of its popularity around 2008, then slowly faded away into obscurity. I blame it’s seeming decline on the release of the first Iron Man movie. Geekdom started growing closer to being the mainstream all through the 00’s and once Robert Downey Jr put his face on the movement, everyone in the world had to get nerdy with it. Including mainstream rappers.

I still listen to my nerdcore station on Pandora, but the new music slowly stopped coming in. And, like so many others, I thought nerdcore died.

But, then, Alex Trebek—once a revered nerd in his own right—made a grievous error in judgment:

(Ironically, after being called a loser, Susan Cole won. Suck it, Trebek!)

Suddenly, nerdcore was back in my life.

With a single enemy to battle, the community was given new life. I’ve watched over a dozen new videos from artists, all of them attacking Alex Trebek. Hell, for the first time in a long time, #nerdcore was trending on Twitter.

Apparently, while I was rocking out to MC Lars’s Hey There Ophelia for the ten-thousandth time, the nerdcore world was continuing to grow. There is just a metric butt-ton of new nerdcore music out there.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Nerdcore for Life* and listen to my Optimus Rhyme CDs.

*This is an affiliate link. I have a lot of new music to buy, so I need to get all the money. Or, if you’d rather, you can watch Nerdcore for Life without helping me fill a hard drive with the geekiest music produced in the modern era. 

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