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My 7 Links – On my Blogaversary

Tracy of Inkytwig fame tagged me in the “7 Links” web initiative. It’s a great little thing that is floating around the blog-o-sphere to get people to look back through their own archives and find something cool about themselves and their writing. I dig it, and most of my great blog friends have been in on it already. In fact, it is getting pretty hard to find any blogs that haven’t done it yet. Really, I was almost dreading getting tagged by it because every blog I read has already done it or at least been tagged. Fortunately, the rules state “Up to 5 People” so, tagging none is okay. Really, it’s in the rules, check them out at the 7 Links Web site!

The timing on it was perfect, since Tracy tagged me earlier this week, and today is the anniversary of my first blog post.

My Most Beautiful Post

I don’t know if what I write is ever beautiful. Poignant, maybe, insightful at times, but I’m not a beautiful writer. I don’t try to be, so when I look back through the 274 posts that have been put up on the blog over the course of the last year, I am not looking for artistic words or flowing speech. I’m looking for the simple elegance of a bared soul, the one that screams out, “this is me.”

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