March is Over – Time to Focus on April (Includes 2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 078 – Drink)

March has come and GoneTGIF - Now Get Yo Drink On

March was a great month, this year. I imagine that it is usually a pretty good month for me, but I fail to notice each year because I’m too busy wallowing in self pity as part of my annual “Post February Recovery” period. This March, though, was filled with some pretty exciting things, and April seems to be headed down a similar path. I’ve been kept busy with project after project after project. I’ve been given a lot of positive feedback, and I feel like I’m starting to curve up the other side of the dip, finally.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look back at the Month of March for the Professional Adult

Doodles for Everyone

In addition to the Drawing Challenge that I’m taking part in at the moment, there has been a significant increase in the amount of doodle requests I get, and it seems to be growing daily. A year ago, I was happy to do a doodle for anyone that asked me for any reason, but now, I’m starting to run out of free time.

Even though I’m getting more and more practiced at the act of drawing, and I’ve learned some techniques to improve the speed at which I work, anything beyond the most simple of drawings still takes me hours of work to do, and that’s not even doing something ambitious like the Dance Off animated doodle (which became a simple 6 frame gif after I ruined my 165 frame Pencil Animator drawing), or the #FollowFriday Doodle Book, which despite being literally drawn as quickly and childlike as possible still took a full 4 hours to get ready.

That’s why April is going to be the month when I bring back the “Freelance Adult” page here at MABrotherton.Com, I’ve been working on redesigning and retooling the page to show off a bit more of the logo and avatar work I’ve done and a bit less of the silly cartoons. That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any more requests, just that I’ll be doing them quicker if someone is willing to pay me in advance for them.

Although, while I’m on the subject of making money from my doodles, I’d like to go ahead and pimp my Zazzle Store again. I make t-shirts (and other things) for you!

Scintilla Project Fun Times!

On top of some top notch doodling, I also hit some big milestones for me in March, and I owe a bit of that success to the wonderful and inspiring Scintilla Project! If you haven’t checked out the Scintilla posts, you definitely should. (You can find a breakdown of my own here.) I seriously suggest that you go and read as many of the others as you can! They’re an amazing community, and although the direct prompts have faded for the time being, I have a feeling that the inspiration and understanding that they gave us will be around for a while.

I know that one prompt in particular seemed to break something open inside my mind that I had become afraid was lost for a long time. It’s actually put a brand new, extra time consuming project into my head, and given me a lot of hope for the next few months of writing. If I can survive them.

Going Forward

Like I said, I’m going to keep pushing forward with the doodling, and I’ve started on a new writing project, which is in the outlining phase. I haven’t decided yet exactly how I plan on releasing it, but I think I might put it up on the blog in weekly chunks, like a serialized fiction of old, and maybe when it’s all done and been published for freesies, throw it completed into analog book and kindle formats for everyone to enjoy.

Speaking of Kindle Formats, did you know you could subscribe to the blog on your Kindle? You can. For only $.99 a month!

One Last Thing – YOU FOUND ME HOW?

Of course, a month in review would never be complete without a break down for #YouFoundMeHow! (Thanks again to Brad from Geekin Hard)

I’ve noticed  a distinct lack of insane, unreasonable search terms leading people to my blog these days. I don’t know if that means I’ve gotten better at SEO or if it means I write about so many insane things that other people’s crazy makes sense to me now. Either way, I don’t have a lot of crazy to share this month, so I’ll just give you the Top 10 Search Terms!

The List is:

  1. drawing challenges
  2. lawn mowing headphones
  3. drawing challenge list
  4. the host book review
  5. 100 drawing challenge
  6. mowing headphones
  7. lawn mower headphones
  8. the hunger games trilogy hardbound
  9. the hunger games books
  10. hunger games books
  11. the host stephenie meyer book review

Seriously, people have a giant need for some good headphones to use while mowing. Amazon has dozens of pairs of bluetooth stereo head sets. I be they all work equally, but if you want to be baller, the set I use is this one by Motorolla, although it is a little small for my massive dome.

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  1. Inkytwig says:

    Yay! You know you get all these requests because you are Matt the Awesome. Right? Yupperooni!

    1. I know. I just need more hours in the day, not less awesome people in my life.

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