Look at the Butterfly, I can fly twice as high… IN A PLANE!

Right now, I’m at cruising distance somewhere above Iowa. I couldn’t tell you were exactly because all I can see out my window is an endless sea off fluffy white cotton candy. Today, I am doing something that I never actually believed I would do:


I just wanted to let you all know that technology is pretty cool. I’m writing this blog post from a plane. IN THE SKY!

We live so far in the future that we don’t just make gravity our bitch, we can look at kitty pictures while doing it!

Also, there are cookies.


Well, on flight 2 we just got mini pretzels.


Waaannn waaaaaan…..

Oh well. They’re still SKY MINI-PRETSZELS!!!!

See you next week when I’m not in the sky.


2 thoughts on “Look at the Butterfly, I can fly twice as high… IN A PLANE!

  1. Did/do your ears pop? Flying kills my ears. I love the take off though! How was your trip?

    1. I was able to keep the pressure down, but yeah, it builds up pretty quick.

      I was surprised with how much thrust there is at takeoff. I guess I always thought of flying as being a smooth up and down, not a rocket blast into the sky. I also never realized how floppy wings are. I mean, scientifically I knew they were flexible, but I didn’t realize how floppy they’d be on the runway. The absurdity of it actually made me giggle.

      My trip wasn’t bad. I’ll be writing about it pretty soon.

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