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Land of the free, Home of the Violent?

Lets talk about the plot to a movie. In the opening scenes of this movie, a group of thugs from one gang collectively beat a member of a rival gang who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Of course, after this brutal assault, which leaves him in a wheel chair,

Of course, his friends can’t let it slide, they’re going to have to retaliate in kind,

and eventually, it ends the only way these things can ever truly end.

WARNING! NSFW! Really, not safe for anyone.

Oh wait, this isn’t Hollywood (yet), its the American Midterm Elections. Now, do our sensible, intelligent, reasonable political leaders decry the outrageous behavior of these monsters?


They claim it was staged, or that the victims deserved what they get.

Let me tell you this, America, “We don’t live in a Tarantino flick.”

People are not so dissimilar to other animals. You want them to stop doing something, you shame them by rubbing their nose in it. Punish the guilty, warn anyone that might be thinking of similar actions away, and help the victims move past it.

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