I’ve Got a Cold

I don’t get sick very often.

I’m normally a pillar of moderate health. I mean, I’m as healthy as a 300-pound man in his thirties can be. I’ve even been working (off-and-on) on being healthier. It’s been… well… it’s been.

This week, though. Man… The bouncing between hot and cold has gotten into my lungs. You know, one of those hacking coughs with the nasty sound.

And no, it isn’t pneumonia. Really, I’m just a pansy when it comes to illness.

There’s some kind of ultra-bug going around here in Montana, too. I haven’t caught it yet. I’ve been fortunate enough to stave it off with my powers of awesome several times already this year. But now… now I’m afraid my immunities to simple mortal diseases have been compromised.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but there are a lot of diseases out there. Crazy horrible diseases.

An infinite world of plague.


We could all get zombified any day now. I’m genuinely amazed the world hasn’t ended in a horrible endless wave of cannibalistic undead.

If only, am I right?


Anyway, I’m going to drink some more of the purple happy fluid and pass out for awhile.


See you next week.