I’m supposed to talk about things….

Power of blog necromancy activate!


I started therapy a couple months ago. It’s been… helpful.

But, I’m supposed to start looking for creative outlets again. See, it’s become pretty apparent that trying to live in normal society is killing me. I don’t fit. I never have and I never will.

My journey isn’t supposed to be about forcing myself to fit. It’s about getting healthier.

I can’t do that the way other people do.

A decade ago, this blog was the thing that kept me moving through a pretty dark time. That darkness came back in exponential form last year.

I barely survived it. I’m not sure I’m through it yet.

Things were good for a couple months, but they are getting heavy again. These days, though, I have a few better tools to understand why and how to fix that for myself.

You see, most of my life, I’ve thought there was something wrong with me. I was broken. I needed fixing…

It isn’t about fixing… It’s about accepting.

And I have to learn to accept I don’t fit where I am and start finding a new place to be.