#DailyDoodle – Huggamus Prime

Huggamus-PrimeThis is huggamus Prime, He’s the leader of the Love-o-bots. You should give him some love.


Also, He’s purposely been left blank so that you can color him!


He’s a colorable doodle.


I know you want to color Huggumus Prime.


Also, today is my dad’s birthday.


More on that later.

4 thoughts on “#DailyDoodle – Huggamus Prime

  1. Tracy Mangold says:

    I’m going to print this out if that is okay so AnneShirley can color him. He is awesome and she will love it.

    1. That’s why he’s in black and white. He’s colorable!

  2. smallstate says:

    HUG ME! MUG ME! What does he Transform into?

    1. A fainting couch, obviously.

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