HalfDrunk Podcast – Episode 6 Illegal Immigrants from Beyond the Grave

This week Chris and I have some serious issues to sort out. Most of them stem from the fact that he’s drunk and I’m drinking something called Nero Sonic, which I thought was a vitamin water, but turns out to be Tang mixed with meth.

So, tune in for what could possibly be our worst podcast ever, or best, depending on how you swing at things.

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PS: We’re not afraid to beg you to tell your friends to listen, because we want you to all know how horrible we are as human beings.

2 thoughts on “HalfDrunk Podcast – Episode 6 Illegal Immigrants from Beyond the Grave

  1. hausofdanger says:

    For the record, if you are bisexual or gender neutral, I recommend the “2 Buck Chuck” Shiraz…

    1. An excellent suggestion.

      I just feel the need to point out that Chris’ alcohol preferences are fairly suspect since he REGULARLY indulges in drinking “toilet wine,” from such great Vinyards as “Montezuma’s Revenge.”

      He is not the guy you ask about matters of taste.

      You ask him if you need a drink that can be used as a chemical accelerate for starting fires or as a paint remover on wood.

      He’ll hook you up there.

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