#HalfDrunk #Podcast Episode 10 – Decasode – Crotchless Support Top Panty Hose

You’re probably better off not listening to this week’s episode. For the first time, Chris and Matt have found themselves with nothing to talk about! Well, almost nothing. Somehow they still managed to fill an hour of gibberish on the Internet.

Seriously, it will be a punishment for you to sit through this.

It was exhausting for us to make it.

Really, if it wasn’t for the ninjas, we’d have given up until next week.

3 day weekends throw off the flow… poor flow.

You have been warned!


If you’re still reading this, and possibly listening to the podcast itself.


I’m sorry.


So, very, sorry.

6 thoughts on “#HalfDrunk #Podcast Episode 10 – Decasode – Crotchless Support Top Panty Hose

  1. Geekin' Hard says:

    That’s an hour of our lives that we’ll never get back.

    1. Yep, that’s pretty much the truth, there.

  2. Hopeful777 says:

    I want the blog!!!!!

  3. Hopeful777 says:

    Make that blog…d’oh

  4. Hopeful777 says:


    1. It has to be edited still. It takes MUCH longer to clean up video than to clean up audio.

      Plus, I’m not sure if we got the entire hour. The batteries died on us at some point, and I haven’t had a chance to see where it cuts off at yet.

      Either way, you will get a VLOG on Sunday.

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