#HalfDrunk #Podcast Episode 9 – Obama killed Osama, but God killed Kim Jong Il

Tonight on the Half Drunk Podcast, Chris is drunk on tequila and Matt is sober and rationale… one of those statements is partially false, we’ll let you decide which one. Also, we talk about SOPA, Open Source Government, the Sex Lives of the Elderly, and tax laws!

Don’t miss a minute of the crazy fun that we put in your ear holes.


2 thoughts on “#HalfDrunk #Podcast Episode 9 – Obama killed Osama, but God killed Kim Jong Il

  1. Sara Olson-Liebert says:

    First of all. Neither of you ate 30 ‘real tacos’. REAL TACOS ARE THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD. You will never take my title.

    Second. Becoming slumlords will take you off my cool radar.

    Third. No sex in cars. We. Are. NOT. in high school. Find a fucking futon if you have to.


    Five. Lay off the Cuervo and switch to whiskey.

    1. 1- As the Official Taco Tuesday Taco Commissioner, El Taco Gato gets to decide what is and is not a regulation Taco.

      2- Yeah, I’m not sure I could become a real slum lord, either. I’m not good at not getting shot.

      3- Agreed.

      4- Being painted… in France…. by blind midgets. It’s a slow process.

      5- Normally, there is whiskey. Last week there was tequila. We have what is cheap. We are poor. Send us money for good booze.

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