#HalfDrunk Podcast – Episode 8 – We Got Headsets

Look at us, we’re taking a step in the right direction with this podcasting thing because this week we put on headsets like real djs or something. Anyway, listen in as Chris and Matt discuss the finer things about the world, like corrupt data mining companies, if the LHC is really magic or not, and speak a bit of bad french.

No Seriously, we speak French in this one.

Sorry Britain.

ALSO, We’ve created a brand spanking new email, HalfDrunkPodcast@Gmail.Com Email us all your personal desires and things like that. We’ll discuss them on the Internet.


3 thoughts on “#HalfDrunk Podcast – Episode 8 – We Got Headsets

  1. Hausofdanger says:

    They don’t even know what the internet is in Johnson County…(I’m practicing hating Johnson county for when I get there) Also Matt,you sound like you’re in space, so I am imagining that you are floating around a space station. Also vicodin.

    1. I’m pretty sure Chris got tired of being upstaged by my awesome, so he banished me to quietness when he did the sound production. He managed to pull it off because he didn’t let me preview it before uploading.

      Also, your hate is going to have to grow immensely if you’re going to have the proper level of hatred for JoCo…. Grow that hatred… GROW!

  2. GeekyGamerGirl says:

    Hahahaha Love It!!!!

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