Can’t let winter stop me from getting healthier

It’s taken me a long time to become okay with the fact that I’m never going to be Ryan Reynolds. There are a lot of reasons this is depressing. It isn’t just the shrink-wrapped abs.

And, yet, I also know I can’t just frolic in my jumboness.

I’m okay with being fat, but not really okay with getting winded by climbing out of my recliner. So, I’m trying to be healthier.

I used to have boffer to balance out my innate laziness. These days, I can pass hours without realizing I haven’t moved from my chair. Especially if I’m working on something. Put my hands to keyboard and time disappears.

I have to make the active decision to be better.

Just eating better isn’t enough

I started down my road to being healthier by cooking my own food. For the last year, I’ve more or less gotten my nourishment from places with either an industrial deep fryer or a pizza oven. Even the meals I did cook at home were mostly slabs of meat charred in a cast iron skillet.

I’m better at picking what I eat now and my recipe book tells me I’ve moved beyond the caveman level of cooking I had before. It’s definitely helped keep me from getting worse, but I’m not getting better, either.

I’m just not moving enough.

Winter is hard on the exercise

Once upon a time, I walked in circles outside. My usual walking places weren’t the greatest walking trails in the world, but they sure beat the twenty-three steps between my front door and the back wall of my apartment.

I miss them, but they are all covered in snow and the temperature doesn’t seem to want to get above zero very often anymore.

Winter… I wouldn’t tolerate it if it wasn’t for the fact that I also dislike summer.

My not being able to walk around without going completely insane has left me searching for a new way to get mobile.

Enter Super Heroes

You’ve probably seen the Darabee Visual Workouts around the net. They’ve put out tons of them. You’ve probably seen the Jedi Workout or the Thor workout. They pop up all over the place, usually uncredited.

When I decided I need to do some sort of exercise, I went looking for all the superhero workouts I could find. I figured it was probably a good idea to decide which superhero I wanted to be, should my body suddenly decide it wasn’t my body anymore.

This led me to Darebee.

And, of course, being completely out of shape like I am, I quickly realized I’m probably not going to be going super saiyan anytime soon.

Fortunately, they’ve still got me covered. Beyond the infographic workouts, they also have some programs. Including one for people who with bad joints and excessive body weight.

So, basically, people like me.

It’s a long road, but I’m taking my steps

I don’t expect I’ll ever match the idealized image of myself I fantasized about for most of my life. But, I do think I’m starting to make strides. I might not be able to do a burpee anymore, but I can do step jacks.

And they sure beat the trapped animal feel of pacing my apartment.

Who knows, maybe a year from now, I’ll be ready to defeat Gannon.