It’s Friday. Sunday is Christmas.


Instead of working, lets all just slack for today.

I leave you with some Thursday Afternoon Doodles.


All of them were done by request.

These are the three I think I did the best job on.




Ok, Technically, I didn’t do this one yesterday beyond coloring it. It was a requested doodle, though, and I think I did a great job on it. I love it.



The very first doodle request I got was from my HalfDrunk Podcast co-host Chris. His specifications were:

Santa presenting Osama bin Laden’s head to baby Jesus in a manger swaddled in an American flag, throwing up the horns.

I think I did a pretty good job of complying, don’t you?



Last, but not least, is Marilyn Monroller, by request from my good fried Brandy, who is in the process of becoming a roller derby dame. This is one of the names she might pick. 


There you go!


If you don’t enjoy these doodles… well, then you should have been on twitter on Thursday afternoon to tell me what to draw! (@MABrotherton)

12 thoughts on “FRIDAY #DOODLEDAY

  1. Inkytwig says:

    one word: awesome!!

    merry christmas, matt!!!

    1. Thanks, Tracy. I doodle my best when I doodle for friends!

  2. Roxanne says:

    The one for Brandee is cracking me up. I love the Derby name too. Happy holidays, my friend!

    1. Brandee says:

      Isn’t that just all things AWESOME????

      1. Well, it’s roughly 45% of ALL things awesome… but all these are awesome things! There are more awesome thing being worked on… for the FUTURE!

    2. In retrospect I’ve decided I’m not satisfied with it because it lacks a face mole. MM had a face mole, right?

  3. noelrozny says:

    Ha! love it! And I agree. No more work. It’s time to celebrate. We’ve worked all year for the next few days and I plan to partake fully! 🙂

    1. Everyone should get a good Christmas Krunk on!

    1. I love bananas. I just thought I’d share that with you.

  4. Jason Benoit says:

    Marilyn Monroller is hilarious. The Santa one is a little disturbing but I am a fan of disturbing so…

    1. Really, if you think about it, everything about Santa is disturbing. He is an immortal, bearded, fat man, an obvious pedophile, who has the ability to enter your home.

      And there is nothing you can do to stop him.

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