Four Days of Exhaustion – I survived Thanksgiving…. sort of.

Weekends can be long and tiring for me. They can involve a lot of driving back and forth, and this weekend involved more than most. I spent close to eleven hours in a car. It wasn’t all bad, though. I did finish about 2/3 of [amazon_link id=”0545091020″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Hunger Games[/amazon_link], which is so far an excellent book. (Thanks to my Sister-in-law for convincing me to use my November Audible credit on it.) The problem with all that driving is that it can leave you completely exhausted. Then you combine that with all of the delicious food of Thanksgiving and you end up a sleepy, sleepy panda.

I realized today that sadly, Thanksgiving is my longest break from work in the year that doesn’t require me to burn up precious vacation time. Four day weekends are extremely rare, the year needs more of them. I’m fully in support of making the Monday through Thursday, 10-hour shifts the universal standard in the working world. We should all petition our bosses to give us more free time to spend sitting on our couches and watching television.

I like sitting on the couch and watching TV.

As I get ready to head back to work, I’m a little sad that my weekend is over, even if it has been incredibly long. It almost doesn’t seem like you have days off when you spend them with a house full of people. I love my family, I’m glad I got to see them, but I love my personal space just as much, and I’m glad they’re out of it. It has re-enforced my belief that having kids is a bad idea, and that people should avoid that. Kids are crazy, messy, and loud.

They are cute, though.

There are only three days left to November. I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about the fact that I only have about two thousand words left to go on my NaNoWriMo, and I’m not sure if I still have it in me to finish. I’ll just have to push myself to the finish line, even if my last few pages don’t make any real sense at all. At least I’ll be done, right?

Oh, One Last Thing:

If you have not yet done so, go out and see The Muppets! It was hilarity. I don’t think Jason Segal can get enough credit for this one. It was pure genius. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard  at a movie since I saw Knocked Up. It is probably the second best movie of the year.

Sorry, Muppets, Super 8 is still on top, but I will definitely own you on DVD.

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