Empty Spaces Part 2

There is something beautiful about solitude. There is a simple pleasure in modern isolation that uncovers the beauty of life that most of us have forgotten. Living in a small, basement apartment in the middle of nowhere, connected to the internet like we all tend to be, is not the same as living on Walden Pond, but it does leave you alone with a lot of time to think.

The View from My Back Door

[/media-credit] This is my view as twilight sets in.

I haven’t had a lot of time to let myself think the last few days. I’ve been busy keeping myself distracted and avoiding the unpacking. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of television, especially those introductory offers on premium channels. Those seem to eat up a lot tof my time. I guess part of that is because the Abmonster isn’t really up to bebopping around like she used to for now, and I really don’t want to let myself dwell too much on that.

She is doing okay for now, by the way. We’re just waiting on test results for the next step.

Still, I am starting to find myself becoming contemplative. I’m not sure exactly where my brain is going, but it is definitely going somewhere. The time I spend alone is doing something for me. I know that. It is easier for me to shut out the world and let myself think, and that is going to lead to where I want, I can feel that.

In the meantime, I just have to get myself to finish the unpacking.

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