#DoodleDay – 2006 Strikes Back

I was surfing through the cybernets and happened to stumble into my old LiveJournal. I started sifting through my archives, looking at the scrapbook images and discovered an amazing treasure trove my old doodles from back in 2006.

I decided that I’d go ahead and embarrass my younger self by sharing them all with you, isn’t that nice of me?


3 thoughts on “#DoodleDay – 2006 Strikes Back

  1. Stereo.* says:

    You know your younger self is cursing you out and slamming his bedroom door right now, right?

    1. More likely my younger self is pretending to sulk while raveling in the joy of having someone pay attention to him.

  2. These are so fun and awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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#DoodleDay – 2006 Strikes Back