#Doodle – Questionable Fashion Generation


Okay, so, I might look at all the kids today, with their “skinny jeans” and their “gaged ears” and think, “what’s wrong with you, kids of today.”


Then I think back to when I was in high school and remember JNCO jeans, and wearing safety pins as brow-rings… and all the crow makeup…


Yeah, keep your skinny jeans, kids of today.

4 thoughts on “#Doodle – Questionable Fashion Generation

  1. We wore slouchy socks, jean cuffs tucked into slouchy socks and of course – two or three pairs of socks – all different colors. Collars worn high, preppy look was in. Lots of bracelets and my favorite shirt was a green tye dyed “Dweebie” shirt that I got from Maurice’s.

    1. 80s fashion was awesome.

  2. LOL….All I have to do is remember that both those styles evolved from the grung/goth looks of the late 80’s early 90’s. You can thank my age group late. Luckily I was a bo ho chic for the most part, a little preppy to.

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