Doodle Day – Watching the Wild Hunt Edition

Ok, I’m a bit distracted. I’ve been waiting forever to see this movie. It’s a psychological thriller that takes place during a LARP event. It’s put me in a bit of a distracted mood, but it’s good, because I’ve got some LARPy art this week anyway.


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Smile, It's Mandatory

SMILES ARE NOW MANDATORY! That’s right, you can’t stop yourself.


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Blogging Bushido

I got this thought into my head about defining honor a little more completely on a personal level, and decided I need to make something I could hang above my computer to remind myself daily what it is I believe in.


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Warning: I own both a crowbar and a limitless sense of moral superiority.

I drew this picture entirely because I want it on a t-shirt. Did you know I sell T-shirts with my doodles on them? I do.

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ChibiKnight Fights ChibiDragons.... Now I wish I had drawn a ChibiDragon... Perhaps next week.

Ok, last one for this week is ChibiKnight. That’s really all I’ve got for you this week, so enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Doodle Day – Watching the Wild Hunt Edition

  1. Love love love love love. Matt, could (would you be willing) to make the Blogging Bushido into a widget that we could post on our blogs? You know – like a badge? It’s awesome. Make sure your name is on it though as the creator. It could link back to your site. We are your loyal followers. 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize how much that particular image, which is something I honestly made entirely for me (I’m working on a 23×30 version to make a poster out of), would resonate with you guys. Of course I will work on creating a button you can use on your site!

      1. Have I told you that you TOTALLY ROCK!

  2. Stereo.* says:

    Ok I take it back. Blogging Bushido is my favourite character without a DOUBT. I love him. Also, what do you use? Illustrator?

    1. Thank you.

      I do all of my line art, coloring and shading in GIMP.

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